On-line Registration

To register with one of our programs, reserve your spot in the program through our online store.

Once you have reserved your spot and filled out the registration form, we will e-mail you the program dates, times and other details one-two weeks before the program start (or right away if it has already started).

Learn-to-Dive and Pre-Competitive Programs: Fees and Payment Policy

The program fee is set per session (such as Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring sessions), see Programs for more details. The fee is non-refundable unless the club has to cancel a practice and cannot offer a make-up class, in which case the prorated amount will be refunded. If a participant skips a practice, no make-up classes are available.

Competitive Program: Monthly Fee and Payment Policy

Optimal Diving fee competitive program payment policy is based on a flat monthly fee that only depends on the number of weekly practices, regardless of what specific days these practices fall on.

If the club cancels some practices in a given month, divers can attend additional out-of-turn make-up practices in the same or the following month. If a diver cannot attend certain practices in a given month for whatever reason, no make-up classes are offered, unless a swap arrangement is made with another diver.

For example, this is how this approach works: if a diver commits to 3 practices a week, the flat monthly fee is $234/month. If two practices are cancelled by the club and two practices are missed by the diver due to illness, the diver can attend two additional practices in the same or following month. Make up practices can only be used in the same or in the following month and will not be accumulated beyond the following month to keep things simple and traceable.

The fees are "sent by e-mail", a standard service now offered by all major banks either at no cost or at a cost that is lower than writing a check. On the first day of each month, simply e-mail your monthly fee to info@optimaldiving.ca