Fall/Winter 2020 Learn-to-Dive Program
Beginners or advanced beginners will learn how to execute dives and jumps. Intermediate divers will focus on proper body position and techniques as they learn the more complicated springboard dives and somersaults.

Program Level

Week days


 Practice Duration

 # of classes





 Tuesday & Friday


  50 min



 TPASC (HW401 & Morningside)

Sep 22, 2020
to mid Dec


 Tuesday & Friday


  90 min



 TPASC (HW401 & Morningside)

Sep 22, 2020
to mid Dec

Age: 8-16 (basic swimming skills required)

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Program Level Description PracticesFees
 BeginnersDivers progress through four levels of this program - from no diving skills at the start of Level 1 all the way up to front, inward and back dives and somersaults at the end of Level 4.1 or 2 classes a week, 45 minutes each at Markham Centennial Community Center. 10 minute warm-up, 35 minutes pool time.See the table on the right

 AdvancedDivers transition from the Learn-to-Dive level form/technique to the competitive form/technique, as well as develop dive lists that meet the competitive requirements of their age respective groups.2 or 3 practices a week, 1.5 hours each at Markham Centennial Community Center. 20 minute warm-up, 1 hour and 10 minutes pool time.
See the table on the right

 CompetitiveDivers compete in provincial and national diving meets. They maintain, expand and improve their dive lists to meet and exceed their respective age group competitive requirements.3 to 5 practices a week at Markham Centennial Community Center and Toronto Pan American Sports Complex (TPASC) in Scarborough, 2 hours each practice. 20-30 minute warm-up, 1.5 hours pool time.
3 times a week: $234/month

4 times a week: $312/month

5 times a week: $350/month

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