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Optimal Diving 2018/2019 competitive performance digest

posted Jun 24, 2019, 11:25 AM by alxpvz   [ updated Jun 24, 2019, 1:15 PM ]

Read our club's entire 2018/2019 season detailed competitive performance results report including provincial, national and international events. This season we have competed in Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec, Alberta, Nova Scotia, Australia, Germany and Spain.

  Board/age group, rank out of, athlete's name, score

Nov 15, Fina Diving Grand Prix 2018, Gold Coast, Australia
  3m/prelim 6/11 Victor 324.10
  3m/semi 4/11 Victor 380.05
  3m/final 6/11 Victor 355.5

Dec 7 2018 Winter Provs Etobicoke
  3m/a 2/7 Victor 415
  1m/b 6/6 Conor 233
  3m/b 6/6 Conor 219
  3m/open 2/13 Victor 358.85
  3m/synchro 1/5 Victor/Josh 315.57
  3m/synchro 4/5 Sophia/Adele 181.50
  3m/synchro 5/5 Chloe/Victoria 180.51
  1m/b 9/11 Chloe 229.40
  1m/b 11/11 Victoria 215
  3m/b 9/11 Chloe 241.55
  3m/b 11/11 Victoria 214.05
  1m/c1 3/6 Adele 212.75
  3m/c1 2/4 Adele 211
  1m/c2 8/8 Sophia 188.05
  3m/c2 6/7 196.7 Sophia 196.7

Winter Senior Nationals 12/14/2018
  3m/prelim 6/10 Victor 347.7
  3m/final 8/10 Victor 375.15
  3m/synchro 2/2 Victor/Henry 368.7

FINA Diving Grand Prix #1 Rostock, Germany 02/14/2019
  3m/prelim 10/26 349.45
  3m/semi 7/26 358.45

Mar 1, 2019 Spring Provincials London 2019-03-01
  1m/a 1/6 Victor 524.15
  3m/a 1/7 Victor 519.45
  3m/open 2/12 Victor 372.15
  1m/b 9/9 Victoria 170.75
  3m/b 11/11 Victoria 219.80
  1m/c 5/10 Adele 276.7
  3m/c 6/10 Adele 265.7
  3m/c 9/10 Sophia 244.30
  1m/c1 3/6 Adele 248.65
  3m/c1 3/6 Adele 238.6
  1m/c2 8/9 Sophia 212.25
  3m/c2 5/9 Sophia 229.40

March 16, 2019 Phoenix Invitational 2019 KW Tier II
  1m/E 4/4 Leonard 144.80
  3m/E 1/1 Leonard 190.0
  1m/B 3/9 Chloe 213.40
  1m/B 5/9 Victoria 191/7
  3m/B 4/8 Victoria 187.5
  3m/B 5/8 Chloe 185.6

March 24, 2019 Quebec Spring Provincials, Gatineau
  1m/A 1/5 Victor 444.65
  3m/A 1/5 Victor 489.05
  3m/open 1/8 Victor 340.7
  1m/b 10/11 Chloe 209.6
  3m/b 10/12 Chloe 232.40
  3m/b 11/12 Victoria 197.7
  1m/c 7/9 Adele 222.90
  3m/c 5/8 Adele 249.55
  3m/c 6/8 Sophia 241.05
  1m/c1 4/12 Adele 238.5
  3m/c1 5/10 Adele 231.8
  1m/c2 7/8 Sophia 198.35
  3m/c2 4/6 Sophia 225.35

2019-04-25 Dresden, Germany International Youth Diving Meet
  3m/A/prelim 8/28 Victor 461
  3m/A/final 1/28 Victor 540.1
  1m/A/prelim 1/28 Victor 462.3
  1m/A/final 2/28 Victor 478.6

April 27, 2019 George Tinnerman Tier II Burlington
  1m/b 1/4 Conor 226.90
  3m/b 1/5 Conor 203.25
  1m/E 3/4 Leonard 155.2
  3m/E 1/1 Leonard 118.45
  1m/b 1/5 Chloe 217.35
  1m/b 5/5 Victoria 168
  3m/b 1/3 Chloe 225.8
  3m/b 3/3 Victoria 192.7
  1m/c 1/9 Sophia 222.4
  3m/c 1/8 Sophia 222.55

May 17, 2019 2019 Summer Provincials Ottawa
  1m/c Adele 9/10 228.2
  1m/c1 Adele 3/10 233.70
  3m/c1 Adele 2/8 269.35
  1m/c2 Sophia 12/12 198.7

May 25, 2019 Ontario Aspire Provincials KW
  3m/c 2/19 Sophia 197.15
  1m/c 2/22 Sophia 205.50
  3m/b 2/4 Chloe 222.75
  1m/b 2/5 Chloe 214.6
  3m/b 1/8 Conor 208.85
  1m/b 1/8 Conor 224.10

Atlantic Provincial Championships 05/31/2019 12:00 am - 06/02/2019
  1m/c 4/4 Sophia 246.4
  3m/c 2/5 Sophia 255.5
  1m/c2 1/1 Sophia 218.5
  3m/c2 1/1 Sophia 251.8

May 24, 2019 Senior Summer Nationals, Windsor
  1M/prelim 6/12 Victor 300.40
  1M/final 1/12 Victor 359.85
  3M/prelim 6/13 Victor 373.30
  3M/final 9/13 Victor 353.95

June 6, 2019 Quebec Summer Provincials, Gatineau
  1m/c 8/8 Sopiha 220
  1m/c2 4/6 Sophia 232.75
  3m/c2 4/5 Sophia 211.8

June 7, Fina Diving Grand Prix 2019 #4, Madrid, Spain
  3m/prelim 8/36 Victor 354.90
  3m/semi 10/36 Victor 329.20

Victor and his partner win Gold at Junior Worlds in 3M synchro event

posted Sep 3, 2018, 3:05 PM by alxpvz

Victor and his partner Henry win Gold at the Junior Diving World Championships 2018 in Kiev, Ukraine.

Optimal's Competitive Digest 2018

posted Aug 21, 2018, 1:42 PM by alxpvz   [ updated Aug 21, 2018, 1:49 PM ]

Camo International (Montreal, Nov 30-Dec 3 2017)
Victor of Optimal represented both his club and Canada at this popular international meet with over a dozen of countries present:

- 1st on 1m in Group A with 483.75
- 1st out of 15 on 3m in Group A with 543.30
- 4th out of 15 on 3M in Men's Open 385.85

Winter Senior Nationals (Saskatoon, Jan 25-27)
Victor comes 4th out of 18 on 3m with 385.5, gets nationally carded

German International Open in Rostock, Germany Feb 14-18, 2018
Victor came 4th on 3M with 385.5. Apparently, in Germany he duplicated his prior result from Canadian Winter Senior Nationals!

Forest City Diving Club Aspire Invitational, Feb 24-25, 2018.
- Optimal’s Conor Burnett, Boys Age-Group C, took bronze in both 1 and 3 m competitions with the scores of 164.90 and 163.30 respectively.
- Victoria Fitzpatrick, Girls Group B, took 9
th on 1m (158.65) and 4th on 3m (185.70).
- Amelia Franco, Girls Group C, Aspire I level, took 2
nd place in 3m competition with a score of 99.05, while the teammate Heidi Vonwells, also Aspire I, took 3rd(91.45).
- In 1m Aspire II level competition, Amelia finished 11 (149.65), and Heidi 12
th (143.15).
- Adele Melamud, Girls Group D, Aspire II, took 5
th in 1m competition (166.85), 3rd in 3m (170.60), and 8th in platform events (128.25).

At KW Diving Club Invitational in March 24-25, 2018,
- Heidi Vonwells won Girls 3m Aspire I event with 115.80 points and took 13
th place in Aspire II 1m event.
- Sophia Povzner took 6
th with 167.59 in Girls C Aspire II 1m and 9th in 3m (161.70) competitions.
- Conor Burnett achieved bronze medal finish in Boys C, Aspire II 1m (161.7) and 4
th place in 3 m (160.50) events.
- Victoria Fitzpatrick came 19
th in 1m (152.30) and 6th in 3m (178.55) Girls B Aspire II events.
- Adele Melamud took 3
rd in 1m (164.10) and 2nd in 3m (163.4) Girls Group D Aspire II competitions.

Dresden International Junior Championship (Dresden, Germany), April 26-29
Victor qualified to be on Team Canada for this prominent international junior meet when he won gold on 1M at the Spring Provincials in Ottawa. He came back from Dresden with two medals:
- Victor came 3rd out of 24 on 1m in Group A with 466
- Victor and his synchro partner Henry won gold with 292.56, competing against teams from 10 other countries in the 3M synchro event

At Summer Provincial Championships at London, On, May 18-20, 2018, Optimal’s
- Sophia Povzner received 243.65 points and achieved 1m Junior National qualifying standard.
- Adele Melamud achieved 208 points in 1m and 211.50 in 3m events also achieving the qualification standards for Jr National Championships in both 1 and 3m events.

Both Sophia and Adele took part at the Manitoba Provincial Championships in Winnipeg, Manitoba in June 21-24, 2018, in an attempt to repeat the required qualifying score, where Adele achieved it and will move on to compete at Junior National Championships in Toronto, ON, July 6-8, 2018.

At Windsor Aspire II Provincial Championships, May 26-27, 2018,
- Conor Burnett earned bronze medals in both 1m (166.25) and 3m (166.90) Boys Group C events, while
- Victoria Fitzpatrick became a 3m Provincial Champion (Girls Group B) with a score of 216.05 and placed 5
th in 1m (186.60) competition. Amelia Franco took 12th in 1m (160.45) and 19th in 3m (154.30), and
- Heidi Vonwells took 14
th in 1m (153.50) and 24th in 3m (141.55) events.
- Victoria Fitzpatrick, Sophia Povzner, Amelia Franco, and Conor Burnett will take part at the Ontario Summer Games in London, ON, in Aug 2-5,2018.

Junior Elite Nationals (Winnipeg, May 31-June 3)
- Victor comes 3rd out of 19 on 3M in Group A, exceeds the standing national record with 582.70 in prelims but wraps up the finals with 526;
- Victor comes 1st on 1M out of 15 in Group A with 536.65, making Team Canada for the upcoming Junior Worlds 2018 in Kiev, Ukraine.

At Ontario Summer Games 2018 in London, August 3-5
- Conor came 1st on 3M in Group C2 with 190.90 and 1st on 1M with 214.75
- Victoria came 4th on 1M in Group B with 222.85 and also 4th on 3M with 187.65
- Sophia came 5th out of 12 on 1M in Group C1 with 245.10 and 7th out of 12 on 3M.
- Amelia came 6th out of 8 on 1M in Group C2 with 206.55
- Heidi came 8th out of 8 on 3M in Group C2 with 192.0

At Junior Development National Diving Championship July 6-8 in Toronto
- Adele made finals and came 6th out of 14 on 1m in group D; she also came 13th on 3m with 199.90

Junior World Championships (Kiev, July 23-29)
Victor Povzner and Henry McKay, won a dramatic gold medal in the men’s synchronized three-metre on Tuesday at the FINA World Junior Diving Championships. It was Canada’s first medal of the competition.
McKay and Povzner earned 300.33 points to edge Lou Massenberg and Karl Schone of Germany in second at 298.56 while Daniel Restrepo and Luis Felipe Uribe of Colombia were third at 290.88.
The Canadian pair kept their eyes on the scoreboard throughout the competition and were ready when they executed their twisting dive in the last round.
‘’It was our most stressful dive,’’ said McKay. ‘’But we were in the zone. We actually took out the calculators before to see what score we needed to get on the podium. We always look at the scores to relieve pressure. It helps us focus on our goals.’’
After the dive, the Canadians assumed they had won the silver. But the Chinese pair of Zongyuan Wang and Luxian Wu of China, the last divers in the final, failed their final round dive and dropped from first to fifth and leave Canada with the gold.
‘’We watched the Chinese practice their harder dives this week in training,’’ said Povzner. ‘’We thought about raising the difficulty on some dives but we felt consistency would be the key to our success.’’
Victor also came 8th out of 38 on 1M in Group A with 485.90

Summer Senior Nationals (Gatineau, Aug 3-5)
Victor wins 2 silver medals at the Summer Senior Canadian Diving National Championships:
- 2nd on 3M with 408, making the senior Team Canada and getting access to the prestigious World Grand Prix international competition circuit.
- 2nd on 1M with 356.45

Victor claims Pan-American Junior Diving Champion title in Victoria last week - twice!

posted Oct 4, 2017, 10:17 AM by alxpvz   [ updated Oct 4, 2017, 10:22 AM ]

Last week Victor of Optimal Diving represented Canada as part of the Canadian National Junior Diving Team at the 2017 Pan-American Junior Diving Championship in Victoria, BC.

Victor managed to deliver a fantastic performance in Victoria finding his way to the podium in every of the three events where he competed: Bronze on 3M, Gold on 1M and Gold again in 3M Synchro with his partner Henry McKay.

Diving Canada published the following press releases as the events in Victoria unfolded:

As Head Coach of Optimal Diving club, I would like to thank Markham and TPASC sport and facility management teams for their continued support of our club's training activities - our divers' success and progress would not be possible without it!

Victor wins 3 silver medals, Maxim makes finals at Elite Junior Nationals 2017 in Montreal

posted Aug 4, 2017, 9:01 AM by alxpvz   [ updated Aug 4, 2017, 11:58 AM ]

Optimal Diving's Victor and Maxim just came back from Junior Elite National Diving Championship in Montreal. This was first nationals for Max and he did a good job in his 1M event making the finals and finishing in 10th position in age group B. At his eighth nationals Victor won silver the synchro event on 3M, silver in the 3M individual event and also silver in the 1M individual event, all in oldest junior age group A. With three national silver medals in total, Victor made Team Canada for the upcoming Junior Pan American Diving Championship in Victoria, BC starting September 25th where he will compete for Canada in 3M, 1M and 3M Synchro events. Watch Victor's and Maxim's diving at Junior Elite Nationals here:

Mayor of Markham congratulates Victor and Optimal Diving

posted Jun 12, 2017, 10:54 AM by alxpvz

Mayor of Markham congratulates Victor and his club with the achievements in sport at a Markham community recognition ceremony.

Summer Provincial Championship in Etobicoke (May 2017)

posted May 25, 2017, 11:42 AM by alxpvz   [ updated May 25, 2017, 11:55 AM ]

  - Victor comes 1st in 3M Group A with a provincial record of 547, makes the Ontario's Canada Games team
  - Victor comes 1st out of 17 in 1M Mens' Open with a provincial record of 355
  - Victor comes 1st out of 16 in 3M Mens' Open with personal best of 369.85
  - Victor comes 1st in 1M Group A
  - Maxim comes 1st in 1M Group B with a qualifying score of 338.75
  - Maxim comes 1st in 3M Group B with a qualifying score of 352
  - Sophia comes 6th with a qualifying score of 206 in 3M Group D
  - Adele comes 7th with a qualifying score of 208.35 in 1M Group D
  - Victor (from Optimal) and Josh (from FCDC) win the 3M Synchro event (watch the video of their diving here)

George Tinnerman Invitational Tier II in Etobicoke (April)

posted May 25, 2017, 11:40 AM by alxpvz

  - Ciro comes 1st in 1M Group C
  - Ciro comes 1st in 3M Group C
  - Adele comes 1st and Sophia 3rd in 1M Group D
  - Marseilles comes 1st and Sophia 2nd out of 15 in 3M Group D
  - Conor comes 3rd in 3M Group C
  - Danielle comes 4th out of 10 in 1M Group B
  - Heidi comes 1st and Megan 3rd in 1M Level III Group C event
  - Amelia, Heidi, Megan come 1st, 2nd and 3rd in 3M Level III Group C event

Bergen Open, Bergen, Norway (April)

posted May 25, 2017, 11:39 AM by alxpvz

- Victor comes 2nd out of 20 in 1M Group A
- Victor comes 5th out of 20 in 3M Group A

KWDC Invitational Tier II in Kitchener (March)

posted May 25, 2017, 11:39 AM by alxpvz

  - Marseilles comes 1st, Adele comes 2nd and Casey comes 3rd out of 26 in 1M Group D
  - Marseilles comes 3rd on 3M out of 15  

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