Optimal team competed in Ontario Tier II Provincial Championship in London

posted Jun 18, 2015, 8:35 AM by alxpvz   [ updated Jun 18, 2015, 8:38 AM ]
Our team competed in London, Ontario last weekend at the last Tier II meet of the 2015 season. Our divers did a great job - please watch some of their dives in this video:

Due to some of our less experienced photographers (such as Sophia :-), unfortunately we do not have a good quality video of Keston's event - so his dives, even though many of them were great, are not in the video.

The highlights of the meet:

- Keston competed with a new dive 403c (inward one and a half) on 1M that he learned less than a month ago and performed it well. He decided to replace the old inward semi with the new 403c just an hour or so ahead of his event.

- Sophia competed with her new 203c and 403c dives on 3M (inward and back one and a halves) and performed both with good marks; she came 4th out of 8 on both boards, just a few points behind 3rd and 2nd places;

- Nikash came 3rd out of 5 on both boards winning two bronze medals. He was so inspired by the competition that his greatest achievement happened AFTER his last event: he learned 5 (FIVE) new dives, including front semi from hand stance off the 5M tower, inward semi, back semi and inward one and a half - all within a two hour period.

- Max came 2nd out of three on both boards - his form starts looking more and more like Tier I and first time ever he received 7s for several of his dives. On 1M he was just 10 points behind the 1st place. First time ever Max competed with his new 203B dive (back one and a half pike) both on 1M and 3M;